Business Operations Associate

Business Operations Associate


The Business Operations Associate (BOA) reports to the President and is a position designed as a stepping stone to a larger career path with the company. Ideally, the BOA will work out of either our Boston or Indianapolis office, but working remotely is also an option.


The mission of the BOA is to keep this fast-paced company organized by coordinating the activities of a variety of groups within the company, and working closely with the President, managing his schedule and outbound communications by access to his email and calendar. As the President’s role is heavily sales-oriented, the BOA is also responsible for keeping the sales process organized. The BOA directly interacts with clients and ensures that records and reports in the company’s Customer Relationship Management software ( are accurate and current. The BOA also provides support and organization to the Vice President of Consulting and Direct of Finance as required.


The BOA interfaces with a variety of other areas of the company including marketing, business development, human resources, consulting, and accounting. Over a two to three-year period, the BOA is in a position to learn a tremendous amount about how the company works, and to begin to take on larger responsibilities in some of the above areas.

The BOA must enjoy creating structure in day-to-day tasks and be good at creating and fine-tuning systems and processes. The individual should be driven by making sure the executive team is well-supported, and remove obstacles to ensure the executive team’s success.


Key tasks the Business Operations Associate performs include:


Executive Support

Keep the executive team organized and fully support Commonwealth’s president:

  • Outlook: manage email, calendar, task management, etc.
  • Travel: book, management and troubleshoot
  • Compilation and submission of travel expenses
  • Communicate with customers and employees on scheduling and other matters
  • Transcribe meeting note dictations and take notes on calls


Sales Operations Support

  • Coordinate the sales process for companies in the sales pipeline
  • Organize all sales materials; file material using online tools
  • Proof, finalize and print proposals
  • Coordinate contractual documents
  • Coordinate project kick off meeting scheduling and materials
  • Update and administer


Marketing and business development support

  • Help coordinate trade shows and conferences
  • Proof marketing materials, press releases, etc.


General business support

  • Coordinate technology and operations systems set-up and tracking for employees, i.e. computer purchases, third-party IT support partner, cell phone support, etc.
  • Plan and organize on-line and in-person company meetings
  • Provide human resources and accounting administrative support as needed
  • Assist with other projects, as needed


Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on business
  • Two or more internships at referenceable companies


Technical Requirements

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, including Excel


Key Competencies Required

  • Ability to acquire and absorb information rapidly.
  • Consistent judgment, rationality, and objectivity in decision making.
  • Iron clad integrity; does not ethically cut corners. Earns trust of co-workers and puts organization above self-interest.
  • Plans, organizes, schedules, budgets in efficient, organized manner, with focus on key priorities.
  • Keeps track of all tasks even when overloaded or overwhelmed.
  • Attentive to details in all aspects of the job.
  • Able to proof-read their own work and that of others.
  • Able to manage multiple tasks at the same time. Ability to rapidly move back and forth between multiple tasks in a short period of time without losing track of key details.
  • Able to prioritize tasks and manage their own time. Able to alert management when too many tasks have been assigned and suggest ways to re-prioritize the day/week. Dialogues with management before, not after, they are overwhelmed with work.
  • Able to accept constructive criticism without undue emotional stress.
  • Sets high stretch standards of performance for self and others. Low tolerance for mediocrity.
  • High sense of responsibility.
  • Copes effectively with complexity and change.
  • Passionately finds ways over, around, or through barriers to success. Achieves results despite lack of resources. Goes beyond the call of duty. Shows bias for action. A results-oriented “doer”.
  • Ability to work independently to figure out ways to solve problems and challenges. Ability to navigate around roadblocks without a pre-defined road map.
  • Strong belief in one’s self and abilities. Ego is not overly dependent on the opinions of managers or peers.
  • Stable and poised under pressure.
  • Puts people at ease. Shows Emotional Intelligence. Warm, sensitive, compassionate. Friendly, sense of humor, genuine.
  • Tunes in accurately to opinions, feelings, and needs of others. Lets others speak and listens actively.
  • Monitors clients satisfaction (internal or external). Establishes partner relationships with clients.
  • Visible and accessible to clients.
  • Reaches out to peers. Leads peers to do what is best for the company.
  • Takes forceful stand on issues without being excessively abrasive.
  • Communicates well one-on-one, in small groups, and public speaking. Fluent, quick on feet, command of language. Keeps people informed.
  • Writes clear, precise, well-organized documents using appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and word-usage.

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