Design Consultant

Design Consultant


The Design Consultant is responsible for successfully analyzing and designing distribution centers for Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors’ clients.  In this role, an individual will draw on experience in operations, engineering or design to arrive at creative solutions which provide client benefit on all phases of an engagement.  The Design Consultant will be an essential member of client engagement teams, contributing through data and design to strong business case development to support the client objectives.


This position requires the ability to confidently articulate improvements that may be made to client operations, and develop understanding of client sensitivities and business constraints.  An individual in this role will embrace a culture of integrity, professionalism and work ethic to assure high value delivery to clients that reinforces the brand and values of Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors.


This position is expected to perform to annual objectives set by, and agreed to, with the Vice President of Consulting.



  • In each project, develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and their unique challenges to growth, competitiveness, desired profitability or other strategic criteria
  • Establish appropriate relationships with client roles who have authority, influence and responsibility for project goals within their organization
  • Use insight and expertise to develop creative concepts and solutions that help the client achieve their goals
  • Ensure client satisfaction by delivering high quality project deliverables that meet or exceed client expectations
  • Communicate to the Lead Consultant when project scope is creeping and help manage scope throughout the life of the engagement
  • Deliver work on-time and on-budget
  • Contribute to the attainment of company-wide growth and revenue goals by pursuing follow-on projects with current and former clients
  • Work closely with the Lead Consultant for each individual project to determine the most efficient path to meet client needs

Distribution Center Design

  • Document existing and potential future distribution processes
  • Design improvements to distribution centers, utilizing process improvement, material handling equipment, software changes or other tools as appropriate in each individual situation
  • Objectively evaluate client data to formulate or validate potential solutions
  • Discover and utilize qualitative and quantitative client data to inform alternative solutions, and subsequently sensitivity analyses as part of developing recommendations and strategic paths forward
  • Generate concepts and designs for storage and material handling solutions to support client goals

Distribution Center Implementation

  • Create detailed specifications necessary for software and/or material handling equipment implementations
  • Generate criteria and tools to objectively evaluate bidders and recommend a winner
  • Help client understand the various steps of implementation and why each is necessary
  • Work with client’s personnel to comply with client project timelines
  • Project manage implementation as necessary (as a lead or client advisor)

Distribution Center Operational Analysis

  • Perform sufficient discovery on all non-data aspects of a client’s distribution center to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s business, shortfalls and other information essential to contributing to their business objectives
  • Measure, as appropriate, processes which may be improved upon
  • Document processes and activities which are relevant to analyzing the client’s business
  • Create SWOT analyses and other evaluative and/or communication tools

All Engagements

  • Perform financial analysis to provide capital equipment justification and a business case for the project
  • Write reports and deliver presentations to communicate project deliverables and milestones
  • Follow Commonwealth’s project delivery methodology and formats
  • Contribute continuous improvements and recommendations to the Commonwealth methodology and library of service capabilities

Internal Business Partnerships

  • Play an active contributing role within engagement teams, working closely with executives, engineers, analysts, IT and finance resources between client and Commonwealth team
  • Actively engage with other Commonwealth staff, contributing to and extracting from discussions about best practices, experiences and problem-solving
  • Connect Commonwealth to companies which may become sources of Commonwealth engagements
  • Perform any other tasks as deemed necessary



  • 10+ years total distribution experience including demonstrated experience leading or as a senior member of design teams undertaking the design of large distribution centers
  • Expert knowledge of distribution center best practices; space and storage planning, material handling equipment/automation, technologies and information systems
  • Ability to understand, integrate and draw conclusions from multiple sources of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Executive level communications and presentation experience including the ability to be influential and persuasively articulate and present Commonwealth solutions to C-Level executives both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to connect and build rapport and relationships with internal and external clients at all levels
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Engineering or other technical field
  • Proficient competency in AutoCAD, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Project, MS VISIO and other appropriate tools


  • Experience working as an outside consultant in supply chain/distribution
  • Project management skills and experience of projects $10m and above
  • Warehouse facility layout experience
  • Process mapping, lean/six sigma experience
  • Experience leading other supply chain/distribution projects including 3PL selection, network optimization, and WMS selection/implementation
  • Knowledgeable of WMS/WES/WCS technologies
  • Knowledgeable of simulation and modeling tools and techniques
  • Distribution operations management
  • Site selection, building construction and material handling system implementation
  • Labor management, engineered labor standards

Geographic Location

  • Reasonably close to a regularly serviced commercial airport

Travel Requirements

  • A normal range of 25% – 50% travel


  • A full-time salary commensurate with experience
  • Incentive bonus
  • A dynamic and flexible work environment
  • Competitive benefits package including:
    • Health insurance
    • 401k retirement plan
    • Paid vacation and sick days


Upon maintaining appropriate and consistent performance levels, the successful performer may become one of the following roles

  • Senior Consultant
  • Manager of Design & Analyst Consultants


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