Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development


The Director of Business Development & Marketing (“Bus Dev Director”) reports to the President and has a two-fold mission:


  • Business Development: Identifying qualified leads which can be turned over to the Sales group
  • Marketing: Promoting Commonwealth’s brand in the marketplace

As Commonwealth continues to grow, it is likely that these roles will be split into two separate positions at the company.


In their Business Development capacity, the Bus Dev Director will identify groups of companies to target (with guidance from management), and create database lists of contacts at these companies.  Bus Dev Director will directly reach out to these companies, with a goal of calling and emailing 100 companies per week. Over time, the individual builds a community of contacts to maintain regular communications with.  When a need is uncovered, the Bus Dev Director schedules a one-hour Discovery call with a salesperson (or the company’s President) to explore the need further. If the lead proves viable, then the Bus Dev Director plays a support role for the ensuing sales process: assisting with proposal editing, attending calls, finalizing the sales contract, and coordinating the project kickoff.


In their Business Development capacity, the Bus Dev Director also supports related sales efforts such as trade shows. In the weeks leading up to a trade show, the Bus Dev Director will call numerous companies and attempt to setup meetings with Commonwealth’s sales staff. The Bus Dev Director will usually attend the trade show, interact with prospects, and then conduct follow-up communication in the weeks following the show.


In their Marketing capacity, the Bus Dev Director will promote Commonwealth’s brand by engaging in a variety of activities such as producing white papers, webinars and trade shows. While the Bus Dev Director is not directly responsible for the content of these events, they will work closely with Commonwealth’s consultants and creative resources to ensure that these events take place on time and produce results.




Key tasks the Director of Business Development & Marketing performs include:

  • Business Development

    • Identify companies to target
    • Research contacts at those companies
    • Build list databases in
    • Perform direct outreach to prospects
    • Provide sales support
      • Attend calls
      • Edit proposals (proposal content is created by sales)
      • Finalize sales contracts
      • Coordinate the project kickoff
    • Promote trade shows
      • Engage in pre-show promotion
      • Attend the shows (2 – 3 per year) and engage with prospects
      • Perform post-show lead follow-up
  • Marketing:Coordinate the efforts of Commonwealth’s consultants (content providers), creative resources, and website administrators to perform the following:
    • Edit and produce white papers
    • Produce sales webinars
    • Manage trade shows (coordinate booth design, logistics, lead acquisition, etc.)
    • Facilitate website updates
    • Produce blogs
    • Produce press releases
    • Update sales presentations/PowerPoints as required
    • Manage/coordinate speaking engagements

Professional Requirements

  • Familiarity with the supply chain industry, preferably in a lead-generation or sales role
  • 5+ years in a quota-driven role with proven track record
  • Demonstrated ability to generate highly-qualified leads in the supply chain space
  • Compelling written, oral and visual communication abilities
  • Resourcefulness, persistence and self-reliance in developing and managing qualified leads through cold calls, networking and referrals
  • Demonstrable success working remotely while consistently maintaining and exceeding call and lead quotas
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Proficiency in is a plus

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on business or comparable business experience
  • No relocation needed.
  • Seniority level: Associate
  • Employment type: Full-time

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