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Three Ways Smaller Companies Can Compete with Amazon’s New E-Commerce Distribution Strategy

August 17th, 2012

DC Velocity recently reported on’s plans to setup new distribution centers (DCs) in six states, bringing their total DC count in the U.S. to 39. The publication speculated that “by all accounts, Amazon’s explosive expansion will support its plan to make overnight delivery standard and offer same-day delivery for an additional fee.”


The prospect of a behemoth like Amazon being able to standardize on next-day ground shipments is bound to strike fear into the hearts of other online retailers. Commonwealth offers these three suggestions for companies seeking an effective response to this move by Amazon:

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Do I really need a Tier 1 WMS? Could a Tier 2 WMS Meet My Requirements?

July 26th, 2012

Do you really need a Tier 1 WMS? We asked ourselves this question recently and did a little research to confirm some thoughts that Commonwealth has had for a while on the subject. Companies that are undertaking a WMS selection project often assume out of the gate that they need a top-tier WMS system and limit their search to a handful of these providers. Make no mistake – many companies with complex distribution needs and high throughput requirements may require a new WMS from Tier-1 provider. However, for companies with only moderately complex distribution centers, our research showed that the mid-tier WMS providers have been hard at work in recent years, developing features and functionality that can fill these needs.

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