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Warehouse Automation Gaining Momentum in BRIC Supply Chains

November 7th, 2013

Companies in BRIC and other emerging markets are realizing that maintaining a long-term lead in their industries requires a seamlessly working supply chain. Many of the large and mid-size firms in these markets are in the process of adapting their supply chains accordingly, with a primary focus on improving their supply chain execution. This post highlights how three successful companies have deployed Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to automate certain supply chain management processes as they scaled their operations in emerging markets.

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Why You Need an Export Compliance Program and How to Get Started

December 3rd, 2012

If your company ships even one order overseas (even if your product is not a dual-use commodity), it is critically important that you put the right safeguards and procedures in place to ensure rigorous compliance with U.S. Export controls regulations. An export compliance program will ensure your company doesn’t unintentionally ship a product that requires a license to export, or accidentally supply products to a barred entity.

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