Whitepapers, ebooks, and reports on supply chain improvement

At Commonwealth, we write about what we do. Here is a collection of our whitepapers, ebooks, and reports about supply chain improvement: distribution optimization, transportation optimization, and supply chain planning.

Whitepapers, ebooks, and reports on supply chain improvement

Whitepaper: Five Ways to Meet the Challenges of E-Commerce Distribution

Ever-higher customer expectations, low labor availability, seasonality taken to extremes – these are just some of the pressures that today’s distribution centers are up against as e-commerce continues to grow at an astonishing rate. This white paper outlines five strategies companies can use to survive in our quickly-evolving consumer environment.

Whitepaper: Six Ways to Postpone – or Eliminate - Your Distribution Center Expansion

This white paper outlines six creative strategies companies can use to delay or eliminate the need to expand their distribution center.

Presentation: Beating Murphy’s Law When Introducing Distribution Center Technology

Why do companies struggle or fail when implementing distribution center technology such as material handling systems or warehouse management system (WMS) software. This presentation identifies the top causes of implementation challenges and outlines how to avoid these pitfalls.

Whitepaper: How to Choose the Right WMS - Part I: Distribution Center Process Optimization

In Commonwealth’s experience, the majority of sub-optimal WMS implementations can be traced to a failure to follow a thorough software selection process. Specifically, companies fail to properly define their requirements up-front in the race to get a solution implemented.  This whitepaper, the first in a two-part series on WMS vendor selection, will focus on Phase I of a proper WMS selection process: Distribution Process Optimization.

Whitepaper: The Packing Playbook

Many companies that have made great strides in improving order picking efficiency wind up missing out on another huge area of potential labor savings in their distribution centers: packing and shipping processes. These inefficiencies often become more apparent when e-commerce orders ramp up. Read this whitepaper to learn specific tactics companies use to manage packing and shipping, and the pros and cons of each.

Whitepaper: The Picking Playbook

While other areas of the distribution center may also have improvement opportunities, picking process optimization usually pays the biggest dividends, due to the large headcounts in play as well as the potential to shorten order turn times and get twice the bang for the buck. Whether you are designing a distribution center or optimizing an existing one, read The Picking Playbook to learn which picking methodology is right for your team.

Presentation: WMS vs. WES vs. WCS - Sorting out the Truth from the Hype

In recent years there has been a significant muddying of the waters when it comes to the ideal roles for WMS, WES and WCS. This presentation features a process that your company can follow to determine which system(s) are right for your DC.

Whitepaper: The Ultimate WMS Preparation Guidebook

This guidebook is for companies embarking on WMS implementations. Industry veteran John Neblett outlines how to prepare for a WMS implementation project so that your company gets it right – the first time.

Whitepaper: Supply Chain Network Optimization - Three Ways to Avoid a Project Mishap

Why are some supply chain network optimizations more successful than others?  Top companies have mastered the science of network strategy. In this whitepaper, Commonwealth Supply Chain Advisors shares their secrets to success.

Whitepaper: Selecting the Right WMS

Selecting a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) is not easy. In this whitepaper, Commonwealth’s Ian Hobkirk shares research results and recent experiences to help readers understand the three tiers of WMS and how they differ in functionality, cost and sustainability.

Whitepaper: Distribution Center Design Series Part II - Developing a Throughput Design Tool and Determining a Pick Strategy

This whitepaper provides a structured approach for making important distribution center design decisions, including selecting a pick strategy and comparing your warehouse automation options.

Whitepaper: Distribution Center Techniques for Omni-Channel Fulfillment Success

10 key tactics companies can employ to improve their distribution centers’ ability to support the complex and ever-changing requirements of omni-channel. Note: this whitepaper is an adaptation of our earlier publication, “E-Commerce in the Distribution Center – Making a Graceful Transition.”

Whitepaper: Distribution Center Design Series - Part I - Developing a Storage Design Tool

This report – first of a series – discusses new ways for companies to approach their distribution center design decisions with confidence.

Whitepaper: 6 Tips to Avoid a Failed WMS Implementation

Learn how to mitigate your risk of a troubled WMS implementation with careful planning in six key areas.

Report: An Objective Guide to Selecting a WMS

Learn how to conduct a Warehouse Management Software selection process that leads to a successful, ROI-positive implementation.

Report: Geographic Distribution Network Optimization

Learn about a new quick and cost-effective way to validate the geographic placement of your distribution centers using the Hybrid Network Optimization Method.

Paper: e-Commerce in the Distribution Center

This paper outlines 10 tactics that you can use to keep fulfillment costs in check as e-commerce volumes grow.

Presentation: Improving Warehouse Productivity Without Tier 1 Technology

Learn about technologies that can provide efficiency gains without a significant capital investment.

Report: Offsetting the UPS and FedEx 2012 Rate Increases

Learn how you can minimize the impact of the parcel rate increase and offset the expense.