Overview – Commonwealth Service Groups

Commonwealth's specialties are supply chain planning, distribution optimization, and transportation optimization.

Overview – Commonwealth Service Groups

Supply Chain Planning

Align your supply chain capabilities with your company’s strategies for globalization, organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or turnaround. Commonwealth’s supply chain consultants can bring you the tools, know-how, and objectivity to:

Distribution Optimization

As your business evolves, your distribution center strategy must also evolve. Commonwealth’s operations consultants will help you modify an existing distribution center(s) or design a new one to accommodate changes such as growth, shifts in channel demand, acquisitions, new service requirements, or cost reduction mandates.

Transportation Optimization

Transportation is a big expense in today’s supply chain. Commonwealth will pinpoint what your company “should” be spending on transportation and develop a strategy. Commonwealth’s logistics consultants have a knack for reducing costs or providing better service through rate reduction, mode optimization, and complex strategies like multi-stop truckload and pool point shipping.