Commonwealth acquired Systemflow for simulation services.

The synchronization of material handling system design, warehouse management software rules, and human methods in the distribution center is what sets top performing facilities apart from their average counterparts. When designing a new distribution center or improving an existing one, many companies turn to simulation for a 360 degree view of how the various processes, systems, and equipment can best work together to drive greater levels of efficiency, accuracy and speed. Simulation is used for:


  • Risk mitigation: Validating a new design prior to full-scale implementation
  • Unlocking higher levels of efficiency: Fine-tuning a proposed new system or an existing one by exploring and evaluating the implications of changes in distribution center layout, policies, operating procedures, or methods
  • Troubleshooting: Simulation can shine a bright light on the key factors contributing to underperformance in the distribution center


Commonwealth’s Simulation Services

Commonwealth offers simulation project engineering and management consulting to clients in various areas: material handling systems, manufacturing, transportation and distribution. Commonwealth assists clients with: facility/process design evaluation, facility visualization, capacity analysis, optimization, controls/system emulation, troubleshooting, capital project evaluation, and process re-engineering.


Software Tools

Commonwealth maintains staff-wide expertise in AutoMod, SLX with Proof Animation, Extend, ProModel, and Commonwealth 3D Simulator. Commonwealth also uses other tools on an as-needed basis. Commonwealth possesses the knowledge, experience, and impartial view to help choose the most appropriate tool for the job at hand. Commonwealth is also able to build customizable simulation tools.




Distribution and Transportation Projects

Commonwealth personnel have completed numerous studies of distribution and transportation facilities. Systems modeled include: picking, handling, palletizing, loading, shipment scheduling operations, air and rail shipping, baggage handling, trucking, and passenger vehicle transportation systems. Selected project types include:

  • Distribution centers for: food products, meatpacking, consumer goods, shipping, and equipment manufacturing companies
  • High-volume parcel handling for shipping companies
  • Carton handling in many different industries
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Innovative material handling automation systems


Material Handling Systems Projects

Material handling system simulation is a primary focus at Commonwealth, with over fifty such projects completed. We have simulated just about all types of equipment anyone might be familiar with, as well as new types of equipment not yet on the market.


From AS/RS to carousels to conveyors of all types, to guided and free-ranging vehicles, elevators, WMS logic, layerpickers, robots, manual rack systems. We’ve modeled to analyze and modeled to visualize, often both. We’ve delivered results and we’ve delivered completed models for others to use.


Manufacturing Projects

Commonwealth personnel have performed many manufacturing system simulation studies for the automotive, process, food product, and manufacturing industries. Selected project types Commonwealth has worked on include:


  • Automotive paint shop: strip banks, baking subsystem, and entire shop
  • Building products: manufacturing and transportation facilities
  • Farm equipment assembly lines
  • Automotive component manufacturing and assembly lines: trim, chassis, and final build areas; engine blocks; seat delivery; body build-up area
  • Food products manufacturing