Supply Chain Network Design

We will help you strategically plan the geographic placement of your distribution centers, plants, and transportation hubs using our modeling tools and years of experience in supply chain network design.

Supply Chain Network Design

Map of the World Showing Supply Chain Network Design


Commonwealth’s supply chain network design process identifies the optimal number of distribution centers and plants and determines location, size, and inventory allocation based on the balance of cost and service level requirements.





Commonwealth’s Supply Chain Network Design service helps you answer the following questions:

  • How many distribution centers are required and where should they be located?
  • How can the supply chain network be changed to improve service levels?
  • What impact will shifting to a lower cost network have on service levels?
  • Should alternate ports of entry be a consideration?
  • Can foreign trade zones be leveraged to reduce trade compliance costs?
  • Which supply chain network design will minimize the following:
    • Warehousing costs
    • Inventory carrying costs
    • Inbound transportation costs
    • Outbound transportation costs
    • Duties, taxes, etc.
    • Risk