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Why Is It So HARD to Implement WMS?

September 27th, 2012

Why is it so hard to implement WMS

I was talking to a friend of mine recently whose company had just completed a challenging WMS implementation. Although the system eventually stabilized, the first few weeks were chaotic and resulted in significant customer service issues. I asked him what he felt were the key reasons for the issues they experienced. He cited things like inadequate training, lack of documentation, and the system being extremely unforgiving of even simple operator errors.


This seems to be a common story with WMS implementations…companies seemingly “caught off guard” by the difficulty of going live. We have heard stories like these even from larger companies who have successfully completed very complex ERP implementations, only to struggle mightily with their “little” WMS project. So then, why is it so hard to implement WMS sometimes?


This topic is tackled in Commonwealth’s latest white paper, titled, “Six Tips to Avoid a Failed WMS Implementation”. In this paper we discuss five different factors which seem to make WMS projects harder than most, and discuss six ways companies can prepare for the challenge.


I welcome our readers’ thoughts on this topic here on the blog, and invite you to download the paper by clicking on this link:

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